Tounet flame stripper - Ploërmel

We work in France, Europe and Switzerland, with long experience in flame devices. Tounet designs simple, practical solutions and provides innovative, adapted services for all this kind of work.

Our equipment is easy and safe to use and manoeuvre.

Flame stripping involves a burner, nozzles and a set of pipes. The key feature is the oxy-Flamal 29 burner to which "mixing head" type nozzles are fitted. For safety reasons, the conventional oxy-gas mixing chamber has been replaced by a series of very small chambers, each with a cone. Spit-back is thus impossible.

Our equipment is subject to ongoing technical supervision by a combustion specialist. As technical features change, we constantly strive to improve techniques and costs.

This helps us increase productivity.

For all ground treatment work using cooled burners, we work to improve the equipment's thermal efficiency and thereby optimise the result, while increasing the comfort of the user behind the machine.

This oxy-gas flame has no environmental impact (oxygen burns all the carbon elements in oxy-Flamal 29).

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