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Tounet flame stripper - Ploërmel

Tounet was founded in 1994 by Luc Papeta and since 2005, it has specialised in specific flame applications:

  • Flame stripping for animal housing floors
  • Stripping wall and swimming pool tiles
  • Stripping paving stones and other road and pavement surfaces

We are now developing new products:

  • Thermal disinfection of poultry building floors

We also provide equipment for:

  • Flame weeding

Since 1996, we have also provided tank cleaning services.

In 2007, Antoine Papeta joined his father in the business to help develop new markets.

Since its move into the stripping sector, the company has constantly endeavoured to improve its equipment to boost productivity (from 150m²/day in 2005 to 600m²/day at the start of 2014).

From a 25-cm torch that had to be pushed and was difficult to adjust, we have gradually moved on to the 50-cm torch and now the 120-cm wide electric tractor-driven flamer, with a raised protective cab for the operator.

Nonetheless, we have retained our smaller equipment for work in hard-to-access areas.

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