Disinfection of poultry facility floors - Ploërmel

Thermal disinfection can be used to eradicate most diseases found in poultry-rearing facilities. It is also effective in removing insects such as the lesser mealworm, dreaded by poultry farmers.

Use of an air-gas flame means temperatures can reach 1,950°C, destroying most living organisms to a depth of 3 cm (temperatures reach around 100°C at this depth when the torch is applied) in buildings with dirt floors. The system's travel speed (from 1 m/min to 3 m/min) defines how long the floor is exposed and how effective disinfection is).

With its experience in this kind of flame technology, Tounet has developed a specialised furnace and can provide a disinfection service defined in consultation with the farmer, cooperative and vet, and adapted to the constraints present.

This is a simply-designed, effective and economical disinfection method and it is environmentally-friendly. It does not damage surfaces and means chemicals are no longer required, so it is ecologically sound and can be used in the recommendations for an 'ecoantibio' plan.


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