Paving stone flame treatment – Ploërmel

What is paving stone flame treatment?

It is superficial treatment for paving stones, bringing back their original roughness by bringing out the stone's natural texture.

The thermal shock from the oxy-gas flame during the flaming operation shatters the stones' superficial layer.

Before frame treatment, you will first need to check the paving stones' "reactivity" to flaming. Some stones do not react to the thermal shock at all and certain granites react by turning slightly pink.

A rough surface is highly appreciated for paving and buildings because it is non-slip.

The treatment can be applied to natural stone, marble and granite.

Paving stone flame treatment: what are the benefits for your paved surfaces?

Pollution, traffic and frequent cleaning of paving gradually reduce the stone's roughness and eventually make it slippery.

We are now able to carry out flaming on-site, to bring back the stone's original non-slip properties.

This means roads and paths no longer need to be closed for long periods, and work can be organised per sector to minimise inconvenience for users.

The operation can be applied to large surfaces (squares, pavements, etc.) and smaller areas (borders, manholes, etc.).


Flammage pavésFlammage de pierreEntreprise décapage

Paving stone flaming, Stone flaming, Stripping firm

Treated paving stones in the old town of Ploermel (56)

avant flammageaprès flammage

before flaming, after flaming

Surface conditions

Flammage pavés

Paving stone flame treatment

Paving stones undergoing flame treatment at Loyat 56

Tounet décapeurDécapeur Tounet

Tounet flame stripper - Tounet flame stripper

Flame treatment on Soignies blue stone


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