Stripping agricultural surfaces

What is thermal stripping?

It is one way of cleaning animal housing where the floors are made of solid or grooved concrete, perforated plates or gratings.

It is an easy way of attaining a flat, rough surface. It is based on a thermal shock and uses an oxy-fuel flame. The sudden energy input acts on the surface and triggers a striction phenomenon. The material is not heated to the core so there is no damage to the material being treated (especially of concern along the edges of gratings). After treatment, the floor provides the necessary roughness for safe animal movement.

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  • What are the benefits of thermal stripping for the farmer?
  • All areas can be treated, even where access is difficult (passageways, corridors, milking parlours, etc.).
  • The surface treatment keeps floors flat and does not damage the concrete.
  • The treatment allows for proper cleaning and scraping of floors.
  • Hooves are kept clean and healthy.
  • The surface treatment does not require any subsequent work or significant cleaning.
  • It is much less expensive than laying mats.

What are the benefits of thermal stripping for the animals?

It is easier and more comfortable for the animals to move around:

  • No more worrying about animals falling.
  • Greater mobility for animals for access to the feeding trough and when there are signs of them being in heat
  • The newly abrasive surface is naturally eroded by the animals' hooves.

What is the difference between grooving and scarring?

  • The surface stays flat: no imbalances for the animals' limbs.
  • Life expectancy and efficiency is greater.
  • The treatment can be repeated several times on the same slab.
  • No more hygiene issues with maturation of manure the grooves.

The concrete is dried at depth and all grease is removed. No more slippery surfaces, as long as the surface is not allowed to become saturated again.

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