Tile stripping


Using torches with single or multi-cone nozzles, with oxygen and Flamal29 tile stripping  tiles and cast glass tiles can be removed from buildings in no time at all (300 m² façade on 8 floors and 30 m long in one and a half days in the 16th district of Paris, 700 m² façade on 13 floors and about 35 m long in 4 and a half days in the 20th district of Paris, roughly 400-m2 gable end on the same site in one and a half days)

The noise caused by the torches during tile stripping is far less than the noise caused by a jackhammer and does not inconvenience building occupants.

Before starting the job, preparation with the facade specialist minimizes the amount of falling rubble, avoids causing damage to openings, and facilitates the removal of unheated pieces.

The use of torches enables us to detect any anomalies in the underlay (especially damp).

The process can also be used for removing swimming pool tiles and detecting any supporting material watertightness issues before repair.